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JANAN (Jennifer Platt) is an artist who paints, designs jewelry, produces film and who now is the proprietor of JANAN Creative Arts & Gallery now open in the Tennyson Street Arts District.

JANAN's Artist Statement about her jewelry:

Gioielli means “jewels” in Italian. The sound of the word—joyful, cheerful, robust, and innocent — describes what I’m after with my jewelry creations. This is jewelry that makes people come alive when they’re wearing it. With the designs, the lively color and texture combinations, and the vibes of the various stones all chattering and singing on the strands, people light up when we find the right piece for them.

Sampling of Gioielli Jewelry created by Janan

This is art that loves to be worn.

Hints of a fascination with jewels peeked out in grade school, when I made a bronze hair pin (and won a prize for it), and blossomed later in years of jewelry store management and sales. From fine stores in Aspen and Miami, to lines in New York and shows in Fort Worth, I worked with a huge and extravagant selection of jewelry.

However, it’s the creative relationship, working with the treasures from the earth to make pieces that enhance the wearer and are also art, that is most fulfilling.

The designs that come through are inspired by people, places, and feelings. Infatuation in springtime after a desolate winter spawned a whole tribe of sweet pieces. Another piece just poured out after a trip to Los Angeles, wherein I understood the name given to that city. There, beside the ocean, multitudes surge together on highways, some sparkling, some exotic, some hidden, while, in spots or interactions, a lighter feeling pervades.

I’m a glutton for jewels. Working with my jewels spread out all around me is like having a huge palette to paint with. I pour the stones, pearls, beads out, instinctively feeling what likes to be together and gathering the vision. Then I start stringing and see what calls to me. If there was no theme as a muse, then one emerges as the piece forms.

Rarely do artist’s statements speak of the feelings of insecurity and doubt that often accompany the act of creating. Most of the time I feel I’m out on the edge, beyond margins of safety, stringing shapes, colors, and textures together that aren’t normally worn. Sometimes, when the piece is finished, I can’t look at it, because in the old design paradigms and “rules” it doesn’t make sense.

But that very originality in these tapestries of jewels, textures and colors bring out latent “best features” in the wearer, and the uniqueness of the pieces suit the individuality of the person. I am thankful for the creative energy that moves through me in this way each time a new piece is born.

JANAN's film production:

Jennifer was managing a business in Aspen, Colorado, when she felt the urge to run off and join the circus. So she moved to Miami, and found her way into working on films.

Tenacity, determination, and luck, landed her a PA job on the set of True Lies, working with one of her girlhood icons: Arnold Swartzenegger. It was an optimal learning experience, with cutting edge equipment, a top crew, and Jim Cameron, the future academy award winning director.

From there, she worked in nearly every department of production on feature films, music videos and commercials.

And she developed her compulsion to write, resulting in screenplays, novels, articles, and poems. Three of her short films have been produced, and she is developing the feature scripts.

Through her company, Aeon Productions, Jennifer writes, directs, shoots, and produces promotional, commemorative, and corporate videos. Clients have called her camera work “poetic and pragmatic”, “mesmerizing,” and “sensual”.

This is Not Television, Jennifer’s feature documentary about street performer as modern shaman, is in post. She is currently in production on an improvisational feature, Yoga Mela, a celebration of beauty, body humor, and the human condition.

Jennifer has a BA in Humanities, from Northwestern University, with a year at L’Universita’ di Firenze. She paints and has a line of beaded gemstone jewelry, which have exhibited in Hawaii and Colorado.

Her other main interests are: yoga, dance, spirituality, animals, horseback riding, skiing, swimming, travel, empowerment of the Feminine, healing, other cultures, and any kind of creation.